Best Merchant Services For Small Business

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Now your small business can accept card payments

To increase the chance of collecting a payment from each customer, you must accept different methods of payment. Creating a merchant account is one of the most important steps in setting up a small business. This account allows you to take card and credit payments from customers.

Before selecting a merchant account, consider these factors to ensure that you are receiving the best deal for your needs:

Cards Accepted

When shopping for a merchant account, consider what cards you would like to accept for payment. Most merchant accounts for small businesses are compatible with major credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa. Some accounts may not accept other cards including the Discover Card. Look for a merchant account that accepts the most types of cards.

Setup Fees and Monthly Fees

Every merchant account provider charges certain fees for its services. In most cases, a fee may be imposed for setting up the account. A provider may also charge a monthly service fee. Fees can quickly add up, so shop around to ensure that you are receiving the best deal.

Transaction Fees and Discount Rates

In addition to a setup fee and monthly service fees, a merchant account provider may charge a transaction fee. This small fee is paid each time a debit or credit card payment is run through the terminal. An example is a fee of £0.20 per transaction. A discount rate is charged in addition to this fee and represents a percentage of the total purchase amount. For most businesses, the discount rate is usually the most expensive charge for most transactions. Therefore, it is important to find a provider that offers a low discount rate.

Customer Service

Merchant account providers for small business should provide excellent customer service. If you have questions or experience issues, you may require assistance from this company. Customer service representatives should be available, friendly, and knowledgeable enough to provide the information you need.

New to card payments?

• Simple sign up

• Easy integration

• Tailored card processing

• Free telephone support

Switching card payment providers?

• Fast, simple switching process

• Competitive fees

• Excellent customer service

• 100 percent uptime over 3-year period

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Credit Card Processing For Your Business

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Full payment type flexibility to match your business model

There are many ways to accept card payments. A key factor is whether customers will be present at the point of sale. This helps to determine which services offered by a merchant services provider are the most suitable and which card processing product is best.

Card Processing in Person

A Chip & PIN portable card machine is the most common equipment for processing card payments in person. This equipment is available as a stationary machine that sits on a countertop, a wireless machine suitable for a restaurant, or a portable machine for tradespeople and other professionals who conduct business on the go. Contactless payment options enable Chip & PIN machines to process card payments even more quickly than cash transactions can be processed. Learn more about our Chip & PIN machines (hyperlink).

Card Processing Over the Telephone

A Virtual Terminal is the best choice for processing card payments via telephone. Take-away restaurants that take card payments over the phone are the ideal customers for this system. Enter customer card details into the interface and process the payment. You can use any Web-enabled device to log into your dedicated Virtual Terminal and process payments. Use the merchant management centre to store and access past transactions in a secure manner. Learn more about our Virtual Terminals (hyperlink).

Card Processing Through Your Website

An online payment gateway is required to process card payments online and gateways take many forms. When considering the options, think about how the website operates because this may determine whether a hosted PayPage or an integrated checkout is more suitable. In addition, different providers offer a range of plug-in options. If you are unsure of the best solution, speak with one of our advisors. The ideal system should be user-friendly so customers can quickly and easily process their payments online.

PayByLink is another option for online card processing. This link connects to a pay page to which you can add an invoice email. Upon receiving the email, the customer clicks the link to access the pay page and provide card payment for goods or services.

Card Processing:

• In-person card payments

• Card processing via telephone

• Online card processing

We are:

• Leading provider in the UK

• Specialist in merchant services for SMEs

• Convenient and helpful

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Accept Credit Cards In Your Business

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Accepting Credit Card Payments: We Make It Easy

Your business can accept credit card payments in person, over the telephone, or through a website. There are many ways to accept credit card payments but the best channel is both suitable for and affordable to the business.

Banks provide merchant services but charge high premiums, making their services too expensive for many small business.

We negotiate lower transaction rates with banks and pass these and our personalised service along to you. This makes it simple and affordable for any business to accept card payments.

Small Business

Cards are the favorite payment methods of this nation so small businesses should accept credit card payments. One of our knowledgeable advisors can provide competitive transaction rates but this is just the beginning.

When you become a member, you receive exclusive discounts and rates on a range of business services including business insurance and banking. We strive to make it affordable for any business to accept cards and we want to help your business grow.

Via Telephone

If you want to accept credit cards via telephone, a virtual payment terminal is the best choice. Once the Virtual Terminal is set up, log in via a Web-enabled device, enter customer credit card information, and securely process the card transaction.

Our Virtual Terminal also features a merchant management centre that allows you to keep records of all transactions. Virtual Terminal lets you accept payments from almost anywhere and offers secure transactions.

Via a Website

Each year, more businesses begin trading online. If you have a business website and would like to accept credit card payments or if you already accept payments online and are looking for a better deal, contact one of our payment specialists to learn how we can help you.

We offer customised online card payment solutions so regardless of the size of your website or the amount of technology you use, we can tailor a payment system that will work perfectly on your site. Our secure payment gateway and user-friendly checkout processes make shopping simple and safe for your online customers.

Accepting Credit Cards:

• Card payments for small businesses

• In-person payments

• Telephone payments

• Website payments

We are:

• A Leading UK provider for SMEs

• Specialist in SME merchant services

• Simple and high-quality

• Website payment experts

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