Mobile Card Payment Terminals: Accept Payments Nearly Anywhere

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Provides you with real mobility to handle payments on the move

• Light, compact, and easy to hold and carry

• Offers fast, effortless use in all environments

• Contactless technology to serve more customers more quickly

• High-speed printer cuts printing time nearly in half

• Excellent battery life accommodates up to 650 transactions

The Mobile IWL251 GPRS debit and credit card processing machine offers complete mobility to process debit and credit card transactions in indoor or outdoor environments without a fixed telephone line. This new terminal offers perfect display readability even in sunlight, contributing to effortless use in all environments.

Perfect for Mobile Businesses and Tradespeople

mobile card terminal IWL251If you operate a mobile market trading, plumbing, hairdressing, or other business that may not offer landline access and you would like to accept debit and credit card payments, this mobile payment terminal may be the solution. It allows you to accept payments at a counter, while on the move, or during deliveries.

Our mobile PDQ mobile card payment terminals offer the flexibility and freedom to take payments wherever you happen to be, allowing you to optimize sales opportunities. Transactions are processed within seconds over the GPRS network and involve no additional call charges. This allows you to remain connected even in demanding situations.

Take This Mobile Card Payment Terminal Wherever You Go

Our mobile credit card machines combine performance and innovation with multiple options for connectivity. This results in faster, more reliable, and more convenient transactions and impressive application management that can accommodate future developments.

Product Features IWL251 Mobile Credit Card Terminal:

• Anywhere GPRS technology accommodates customer payment processing from wherever you are

• Simple, efficient, cost-effective payment processing

• Accepts all major debit, credit, and charge cards

• Telium 2 dual processor technology enables fast transactions

• Supports the latest secure Chip & PIN entry card technology

• Designed to meet PCI PTS v3 state-of-the-art security standards

• Designed for indoor and non-aggressive outdoor environments

• Multiple options for connectivity contribute to transactions that are more reliable

• Self-installation is quick and simple—just plug the machine in and follow the short prompts

• Excellent display readability enables effortless use in any environment

• Keypad featuring 15 large keys including 7 keys for dedicated functions

• High-quality, consumer facing interface permits easy PIN entry

• Clear graphic display is backlit and offers adjustable contrast

• Terminal is spill and drop-resistant

• Card swipe slot is long and slightly curved for optimal card reading

• Online authorization obtained automatically for all transactions within seconds

• Landline telephone is freed to handle business calls

• Fast (up to 30 lines per second) receipt printing speeds transactions

• Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with single charge providing up to 650 transactions

• Offers opportunity to provide new affinity services to generate revenue

• Cardholder Security Code and Address Verification Services technology to combat fraud during transactions when customers are not present

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Use Mobile Credit Card Machines To Take Chip & PIN Payments In Nearly Any Location

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You can accept card payments anywhere that has mobile coverage

Electricians, plumbers, and other tradespeople operate their businesses on the road or where their customers live or work. Other businesspeople have also taken their operations mobile.

With the average person carrying only £20 in cash, our nation has developed a culture of card payment and it can be challenging to accept only cash payments for goods or services. Similar to a mobile phone, a mobile card machine works nearly anywhere, allowing you to accept card payments in a seamless manner whether you operate at home, on the high street, or on the road.

A mobile card machine uses a 3G connection to reach the O2 network. Wherever you can find cell phone coverage, this mobile card machine can process a card payment. A light, portable design makes it even more convenient to take this machine everywhere.

Since the terminal uses a 3G connection, it is also perfect for use on your business premises because it frees up the business landline to handle important calls. Battery operation contributes to portability and the battery can be charged via mains power or through a car. To extend battery life, turn off the machine when it is not in use.

Straight Forward To Use

Operation is simple and involves entering the transaction amount and letting the consumer enter his or her PIN. A 128-bit connection is used to encrypt transaction data and the machine sends the connection to the bank for transaction processing.

mobile card terminal IWL251After just a few seconds, the screen displays whether the transaction is confirmed or declined. This machine also has the ability to process refunds. Level of security is the same as for a countertop card machine because each transaction is subject to the same security checks.

Our mobile credit card machine has several features that enhance user experiences. The large, colour display is backlit and can be personalized with your company name, company logo, or another image. The magnetic strip reader is designed for optimal versatility and card reading. Extra long battery life is provided by the rechargeable Li-Ion battery. A single charge offers enough power for processing up to 200 transactions and will last for the entire workday.

To learn more about our mobile card machine, speak with one of our payment specialists.

Mobile Card Machines:

• Operate on a mobile network

• Simple use

• Accept payments on the go

• Include card charger

We are:

• Small business experts

• Part of the WorldPay Group

• More than 50,000 customers strong

• Provider of quality UK support

Countertop Card Machines – Secure & Fast

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Simple and static Chip & PIN solution appropriate for most retail environments

The new generation iCT250 Colour Contactless debit and credit card processing machine is one of the most advanced countertop machines for card processing. This machine combines technology and security with cost effective operation.

Large Colour Screen

The large and vibrant colour screen makes it easier to access information-rich messages and menus and read messages regarding transactions.

Revolutionary Security Standards

Protect your customer’s data and your business with the iCT250, the first countertop terminal to be PCI PED 2.0 approval and ready for enhancements, now a compulsory requirement. This machine provides security as a standard feature and offers peace of mind for customers and you in battling card fraud.

• The latest countertop style terminal providing the technology of tomorrowcountertop machine iCT250

• Large colour screen makes menus and transactions easy to read

• Transactions are faster, more secure, and more reliable

• Improved industry security standards protect your business and you

• Value-added products and services create revenue opportunities

• Bust queues by processing contactless transactions in less than one second

Countertop Credit Card Machine features:

• Small, easy to handle, and easy to use

• Telium 2 dual processor technology enables fast transactions

• PINpad is integrated to provide convenient operation when counter space is limited

• Bright colour screen provides brand promotion and is easy to read

• Receipts printed quickly to speed transactions

• Self-installation is quick and simple—just plug the machine in and follow the short prompts

• Processes Chip & PIN, MOTO, and Contactless payments

• Supports the latest secure Chip & PIN entry card technology

• Accepts all major debit, charge, and credit cards

• MasterCard payPass and Visa payWave certified for contactless

• Supports various types of transactions including sales and refunds

• Online authorization obtained automatically for all transactions within seconds

• Where appropriate, pre-authorization is available

• Remote download, diagnostics, and management of software

• Cardholder Security Code and Address Verification Services technology to combat fraud during transactions when customers are not present

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Website and Online Payments

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Take payments through your website Integrate A PayPage into your business website.

If you use a generic shopping cart such as Interpire, Magento, or ZenCart, contact us to learn more about our compatible shopping carts.

We may have a compatible plug-in that you can use.

If you cannot find your shopping cart on the list, submit an Integration Request via one of our forms.

We will research creating a compatible plug-in for you.

If you use a bespoke shopping cart, review our Developer Support pages for information on the Gateway API, methods of integration, and documentation to help your developer or you create customized integration with your existing shopping cart.

Pay Page Types And Comparison Table:

paypage comparison image

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A Virtual Terminal Is A Simple Flexible And Cost Effective Option

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Taking payments via telephone requires a secure process that is simple and fast…

With a Virtual Terminal, it is easy to take telephone card payments. If you are a high-street takeaway, florist, or other business that takes orders over the phone, Virtual Terminal is an efficient and flexible way for you to take payments.

Online Service Option

If you have access to an Internet connection, you can use Virtual Terminal to take payments. Log in to a secure and dedicated Virtual Terminal page and enter the customer card details. We process the transaction securely and provide transaction authorization or confirmation immediately. Within 3 working days, we deposit the payment into your designated bank account.

Document Transactions

Our Merchant Management System maintains a record of each transaction in a single, secure location. Use this information to create Excel reports or print a transaction history. Our Merchant Management System reduces the amount of time you spend on administration so you can spend more time operating your business.

Extend Services

When you take payments over the phone, you extend business services to a wider audience and increase potential income. Use an Internet connection and Virtual Terminal to take payments anywhere.

No Technical Skills Required

Virtual Terminal does not involve technical setup or configuration on your part. To learn more about using Virtual Terminal to take payments via telephone, speak with one of our knowledgeable payment specialists.

The Virtual Terminal Process:

1) Use a Web-enabled device to log into your dedicated and secure Virtual Terminal. You can even use a mobile device or tablet with a WiFi connection.

2) Enter the debit or credit card information for your customer

3) We process the transaction securely

4) We immediately provide authorization or confirmation of the transaction so there is no need to wait

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Take Payments Via Email – Pay By Link

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Our Email payment solution is easy to set up, simple, and fast

PayByLink lets you create unique and customized payment links to a Hosted Payment Page that is secure and perfect for sending to customers to request invoice payment.

Pre-set a single-use link with a reference number and fixed amount, creating a unique link for each invoice.

PayByLink is a quick and easy way to accept secure debt and credit card payments online:

• Simple way to receive one-off payments for goods or services

• Create payment links and post them into invoices

• Almost instant payment processing

• FREE merchant management system that provides real time payment reporting

• FREE UK based support via telephone and email

• FREE ongoing maintenance

A website is not required to use email payment links. If your business takes place on the road or involves the provision of services, this is a flexible way for clients to submit payments.

Email payment links are commonly used with invoices so whether you are a beautician, builder, or offer personal training services, PayByLink is a smart and flexible way to request and take payments.

Speak with one of our payment specialists to learn more and have a personal payment link established.

Simple PayByLink Process:

1) Log into the PayByLink secure administration system

2) Enter your reference number and the payment amount to create a new PayByLink

3) Add the PayByLink to an invoice or email it to the customer

4) The customer follows the link to the Hosted PayPage, enters credit or debit card details, and submits a payment

5) We securely process the transaction and within 3 working days, you receive the funds in your account

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Accept Online Payments Through Your Website

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Competitive rates and secure service are two of our goals

We offer businesses an inexpensive alternative to using banks for online processing of credit card payments.

Our card transaction network experienced 100 percent uptime during the past three years and our dedicated support centre based in the UK illustrates that though you may pay less for credit card processing, you will receive the level of customer service that you expect.

WorldPay Group, the largest card processor in the UK, backs our transactions, ensuring excellent results.

We offer a range of online card payment processing solutions. However your business is run, we can tailor a credit card processing solution for your needs.

Here are some of the services that we offer:

Online Credit Card Processing

We have partnerships with all major online checkout providers making it very easy for you to accept online payments. We also collaborate with the best online shopping carts, making the integration of our card payment gateway a simple process. Shopping carts optimize custom conversions and seamlessly guide customers through the process of making card payments online.

Our Partnerships with Hundreds of the Best UK Web Developers

Review our directory of approved developers to find a reliable professional to help get your online business operational. Use the online merchant services centre to track every transaction in your personal account. Log into your account online at any time and retrieve the desired records.

Alternative Methods for Online Payment

Our services do not require a website. Use email to take payments by emailing a payment link to customers. They access the link and provide their payment information. Once we process the card transaction, we deposit the funds into your account.

Online Payments:

• Virtual Terminals

• Payment Gateways

• Integration with shopping carts

• Pay via email

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Establish A Business Merchant Account To Accept Card Payments

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A merchant account is required for you to accept card payments…

This account is similar to a bank account that is used only for card transaction payments. When your business begins accepting card payments, the merchant account is needed to receive funds.

A merchant account can be arranged through merchant services provider that usually offers the technology required to accept card payments.

When a customer uses a card for payment and the transaction is approved, funds are transferred to your merchant account. A merchant account provider typically has a standard setup fee, a monthly fee, and charges a specified percentage per transaction.

When reviewing merchant services providers, find out whether a long-term contract is required. In addition, verify the transaction processing security features offered by the provider. To accept card transactions in a merchant account with reduced risk of fraud, your business should become PCI compliant.

Merchant Accounts:

• Simple signup

• Low setup cost

• Very competitive fees

Merchant Services:

• Phone & mail payments

• Chip & PIN terminals

• Online payment processing

We offer one-year rolling contracts and competitive fees that make it convenient and inexpensive for your business to accept card payments.

We will help your business become PCI compliant and will provide a personal account assistant who can provide information and answer questions regarding your merchant account. We offer a UK-based customer service helpline that is available 7 days a week. These are some of the many benefits of having a merchant account with us.

Our merchant account customers receive an assortment of member benefits including discounts on various business services. We offer our customers more and strive to keep them satisfied.

Speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable payment specialists to learn more about our merchant accounts.

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Best Merchant Services For Small Business

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Now your small business can accept card payments

To increase the chance of collecting a payment from each customer, you must accept different methods of payment. Creating a merchant account is one of the most important steps in setting up a small business. This account allows you to take card and credit payments from customers.

Before selecting a merchant account, consider these factors to ensure that you are receiving the best deal for your needs:

Cards Accepted

When shopping for a merchant account, consider what cards you would like to accept for payment. Most merchant accounts for small businesses are compatible with major credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa. Some accounts may not accept other cards including the Discover Card. Look for a merchant account that accepts the most types of cards.

Setup Fees and Monthly Fees

Every merchant account provider charges certain fees for its services. In most cases, a fee may be imposed for setting up the account. A provider may also charge a monthly service fee. Fees can quickly add up, so shop around to ensure that you are receiving the best deal.

Transaction Fees and Discount Rates

In addition to a setup fee and monthly service fees, a merchant account provider may charge a transaction fee. This small fee is paid each time a debit or credit card payment is run through the terminal. An example is a fee of £0.20 per transaction. A discount rate is charged in addition to this fee and represents a percentage of the total purchase amount. For most businesses, the discount rate is usually the most expensive charge for most transactions. Therefore, it is important to find a provider that offers a low discount rate.

Customer Service

Merchant account providers for small business should provide excellent customer service. If you have questions or experience issues, you may require assistance from this company. Customer service representatives should be available, friendly, and knowledgeable enough to provide the information you need.

New to card payments?

• Simple sign up

• Easy integration

• Tailored card processing

• Free telephone support

Switching card payment providers?

• Fast, simple switching process

• Competitive fees

• Excellent customer service

• 100 percent uptime over 3-year period

Need more information on merchant accounts for small business? Request a free call-back or obligation free consultation. Click Here to make an enquiry via our short application form.

Credit Card Processing For Your Business

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Full payment type flexibility to match your business model

There are many ways to accept card payments. A key factor is whether customers will be present at the point of sale. This helps to determine which services offered by a merchant services provider are the most suitable and which card processing product is best.

Card Processing in Person

A Chip & PIN portable card machine is the most common equipment for processing card payments in person. This equipment is available as a stationary machine that sits on a countertop, a wireless machine suitable for a restaurant, or a portable machine for tradespeople and other professionals who conduct business on the go. Contactless payment options enable Chip & PIN machines to process card payments even more quickly than cash transactions can be processed. Learn more about our Chip & PIN machines (hyperlink).

Card Processing Over the Telephone

A Virtual Terminal is the best choice for processing card payments via telephone. Take-away restaurants that take card payments over the phone are the ideal customers for this system. Enter customer card details into the interface and process the payment. You can use any Web-enabled device to log into your dedicated Virtual Terminal and process payments. Use the merchant management centre to store and access past transactions in a secure manner. Learn more about our Virtual Terminals (hyperlink).

Card Processing Through Your Website

An online payment gateway is required to process card payments online and gateways take many forms. When considering the options, think about how the website operates because this may determine whether a hosted PayPage or an integrated checkout is more suitable. In addition, different providers offer a range of plug-in options. If you are unsure of the best solution, speak with one of our advisors. The ideal system should be user-friendly so customers can quickly and easily process their payments online.

PayByLink is another option for online card processing. This link connects to a pay page to which you can add an invoice email. Upon receiving the email, the customer clicks the link to access the pay page and provide card payment for goods or services.

Card Processing:

• In-person card payments

• Card processing via telephone

• Online card processing

We are:

• Leading provider in the UK

• Specialist in merchant services for SMEs

• Convenient and helpful

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