Use Mobile Credit Card Machines To Take Chip & PIN Payments In Nearly Any Location

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You can accept card payments anywhere that has mobile coverage

Electricians, plumbers, and other tradespeople operate their businesses on the road or where their customers live or work. Other businesspeople have also taken their operations mobile.

With the average person carrying only £20 in cash, our nation has developed a culture of card payment and it can be challenging to accept only cash payments for goods or services. Similar to a mobile phone, a mobile card machine works nearly anywhere, allowing you to accept card payments in a seamless manner whether you operate at home, on the high street, or on the road.

A mobile card machine uses a 3G connection to reach the O2 network. Wherever you can find cell phone coverage, this mobile card machine can process a card payment. A light, portable design makes it even more convenient to take this machine everywhere.

Since the terminal uses a 3G connection, it is also perfect for use on your business premises because it frees up the business landline to handle important calls. Battery operation contributes to portability and the battery can be charged via mains power or through a car. To extend battery life, turn off the machine when it is not in use.

Straight Forward To Use

Operation is simple and involves entering the transaction amount and letting the consumer enter his or her PIN. A 128-bit connection is used to encrypt transaction data and the machine sends the connection to the bank for transaction processing.

mobile card terminal IWL251After just a few seconds, the screen displays whether the transaction is confirmed or declined. This machine also has the ability to process refunds. Level of security is the same as for a countertop card machine because each transaction is subject to the same security checks.

Our mobile credit card machine has several features that enhance user experiences. The large, colour display is backlit and can be personalized with your company name, company logo, or another image. The magnetic strip reader is designed for optimal versatility and card reading. Extra long battery life is provided by the rechargeable Li-Ion battery. A single charge offers enough power for processing up to 200 transactions and will last for the entire workday.

To learn more about our mobile card machine, speak with one of our payment specialists.

Mobile Card Machines:

• Operate on a mobile network

• Simple use

• Accept payments on the go

• Include card charger

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