Mobile Card Payment Terminals: Accept Payments Nearly Anywhere

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Provides you with real mobility to handle payments on the move

• Light, compact, and easy to hold and carry

• Offers fast, effortless use in all environments

• Contactless technology to serve more customers more quickly

• High-speed printer cuts printing time nearly in half

• Excellent battery life accommodates up to 650 transactions

The Mobile IWL251 GPRS debit and credit card processing machine offers complete mobility to process debit and credit card transactions in indoor or outdoor environments without a fixed telephone line. This new terminal offers perfect display readability even in sunlight, contributing to effortless use in all environments.

Perfect for Mobile Businesses and Tradespeople

mobile card terminal IWL251If you operate a mobile market trading, plumbing, hairdressing, or other business that may not offer landline access and you would like to accept debit and credit card payments, this mobile payment terminal may be the solution. It allows you to accept payments at a counter, while on the move, or during deliveries.

Our mobile PDQ mobile card payment terminals offer the flexibility and freedom to take payments wherever you happen to be, allowing you to optimize sales opportunities. Transactions are processed within seconds over the GPRS network and involve no additional call charges. This allows you to remain connected even in demanding situations.

Take This Mobile Card Payment Terminal Wherever You Go

Our mobile credit card machines combine performance and innovation with multiple options for connectivity. This results in faster, more reliable, and more convenient transactions and impressive application management that can accommodate future developments.

Product Features IWL251 Mobile Credit Card Terminal:

• Anywhere GPRS technology accommodates customer payment processing from wherever you are

• Simple, efficient, cost-effective payment processing

• Accepts all major debit, credit, and charge cards

• Telium 2 dual processor technology enables fast transactions

• Supports the latest secure Chip & PIN entry card technology

• Designed to meet PCI PTS v3 state-of-the-art security standards

• Designed for indoor and non-aggressive outdoor environments

• Multiple options for connectivity contribute to transactions that are more reliable

• Self-installation is quick and simple—just plug the machine in and follow the short prompts

• Excellent display readability enables effortless use in any environment

• Keypad featuring 15 large keys including 7 keys for dedicated functions

• High-quality, consumer facing interface permits easy PIN entry

• Clear graphic display is backlit and offers adjustable contrast

• Terminal is spill and drop-resistant

• Card swipe slot is long and slightly curved for optimal card reading

• Online authorization obtained automatically for all transactions within seconds

• Landline telephone is freed to handle business calls

• Fast (up to 30 lines per second) receipt printing speeds transactions

• Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with single charge providing up to 650 transactions

• Offers opportunity to provide new affinity services to generate revenue

• Cardholder Security Code and Address Verification Services technology to combat fraud during transactions when customers are not present

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