Portable Card Machines & The Many Benefits To Your Business

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Break free from the counter and use these portable card machines anywhere within range of its hub

The Portable IWL252 debit and credit card processing machine is the ultimate in wireless terminals.

This “pay-at-table” machine provides true mobility for payment within any establishment. It is particularly useful when traditional connectivity is unfeasible or too costly.

The portable option enables you to take customer payments within a location without requiring customers to come to the counter.

This system is very popular with at-table payment services such as in hospitality. Advanced technology and efficient management of power are two of its many strengths.

A full day of intensive use will not exceed the operational capacity of this device.

Telephone and mail order payments can also be accommodated, making this machine ideal for “customer not present” environments. Every transaction is fast, convenient, and reliable due to the multiple connectivity options.

Benefits and Stand-Out Features

• True mobility for portable paymentsportable card machine IWL25

• Light, compact, and easy to handle

• Offers fast, effortless use in all environments

• Contactless to serve more customers in a faster manner

• High-speed printer cuts printing time nearly in half

• Long battery life lasts for a full and busy working day

Convenience for Customers and You

Our portable card machine takes payment convenience to another level. Perfect for restaurants and establishments where customers need not visit the premises, this machine offers flexibility in accommodating various user applications.

Latest Security Features and Standards

This compact credit card processing machine is PCI PED certified and fully Chip & PIN compliant. It provides flexible options for use and high-security Bluetooth technology that permits fast debit and credit card transactions.

Other Features Of The IWL252 Portable Credit Card Machine:

• Uses pocket-sized mobility to streamline on-the-go payment applications

• Operation is easy, fast, and reliable

• Clear line of sight range for terminal is up to 200 metres (660 feet)

• Telium 2 dual processor technology enables fast transactions

• Bluetooth technology for mobile transactions

• Accepts all major debit, credit, and charge cards

• Supports the latest secure Chip & PIN entry card technology

• Designed to meet PCI PTS v3 state-of-the-art security standards

• Large, colour screen accommodates merchant messaging

• Easy to read display enables convenient use in any environment

• Card swipe slot is long and slightly curved for optimal card reading

• Keypad featuring 15 large keys including 7 keys for dedicated functions

• High-quality, consumer facing interface permits easy PIN entry

• Self-installation is quick and simple—just plug the machine in and follow the short prompts

• Reduced cost for setup because multiple handsets can be connected to a single base

• Accommodates local Ethernet network integration

• Online authorization obtained automatically for all transactions within seconds

• Fast (up to 30 lines per second) receipt printing speeds transactions

• Rechargeable Li-Ion battery has a long life, with a single charge lasting a full workday

• Offers opportunity to provide new affinity services to generate revenue

• Cardholder Security Code and Address Verification Services technology to combat fraud during transactions when customers are not present

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