Switching Merchant Providers And Payment Gateway Is Painless

Receive two months of free payment processing for switching to Business Gateway 350. If high fees and poor service  from your merchant account provider have left you dissatisfied, try our Business Gateway product.

With Business Gateway, you receive an affordable system suitable for small or medium sized businesses. Our smart solution allows you to accept payments online, offline and internationally without hassle.

Call us today at 0203 150 1490 or complete an online application. We will happily price match your existing merchant account package and make switching payment gateways a breeze.

Payment processing for as low as £19.95 monthly

If you have established a merchant account but are seeking a new provider for payment processing, we offer free processing for two months and then a flat-rate monthly fee of £19.95. With this package, you receive the core online processing features including 350 transactions.

Put customers within convenient reach

Make life easy for customers by allowing them to pay you in the manner they desire. Business Gateway is compatible with every major debit and credit card provider and PayPal. It accepts multiple currencies and features customizable pages in more than 20 languages, offering your business easy access to millions of local and overseas customers.

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Integration is fast and secure

It is fast and convenient to begin using Business Gateway. The process may be as easy as linking your website to our secure payment pages that allow customers to enter payment details. E-Next has a Tier 1 PCI DSS compliant infrastructure, allowing you to rely on the highest level of security for card data.

Around-the-clock technical and customer support

We strongly believe in excellence in service. We back up this belief with dedicated technical support available 24/7 and documentation that helps your IT specialist or you integrate your shopping cart/store package with E-Next in just days.

Why use E-Next for online payment acceptance?

  • More than 40,000 merchants are already using us
  • Our processing uptime record greatly surpasses industry standards
  • We process more than one billion transactions every year
  • We are the fourth largest acquirer worldwide
  • More than 99 percent of calls are responded to by our help desk within 30 seconds
  • Our PCI DSS Level 1 compliance provides the utmost security

Enquiries and Application

If the payment requirements of your business are more complex, we will tailor services and pricing to your needs. Call us at 0203 150 1490  now to speak with an account advisor or complete an online application.

Corporate customers interested in offering local payment solutions for high transaction volumes while receiving high-quality risk management tools should explore our corporate solutions.

No Credit Check Merchant Accounts

no credit check merchant accountsA merchant account is established so a business can accept debit and credit card payments. Each time a transaction is processed, the card information is transmitted by a secure server to a bank. If the customer’s account contains sufficient funds, the bank authorises the payment.

The money is then transferred to the merchant account of the seller. If the funds in the customer’s account are insufficient, the bank declines the payment.

Money from processed debit and credit card payments are temporarily held in the merchant account before being transferred to the main bank account of the business. The bank charges a fee for each transaction. Fees vary based on the type of card used for payment and the transaction amount.

What Type of Credit Check is Necessary?

Major banks usually require satisfactory results of a background check, credit check, and trading history when a business applies for a merchant account.

Most credit checks have two components:

  • Business credit history
  • Personal credit history

You usually can obtain a merchant account if you have experienced personal credit issues in the past.

The decision will depend upon:

  1. Number of defaults
  2. Frequency of defaults
  3. How far back defaults extend
  4. Amount owed
  5. Whether debts have been settled

Business credit history applies to both sole traders and limited companies. The bank usually reviews the credit history of the business and each of its partners. If the business has poor credit history or does not meet the other eligibility requirements, a merchant account may be available from another source.

Popular Merchant Account Alternatives

PayPal — Though this is not strictly a merchant account, it is one of the most popular alternatives. Anyone with an email address can create a PayPal account in minutes without being subject to a credit check.

PayPal allows you to invoice customers so they pay upon receiving their bill. Your administration responsibilities are reduced because a receipt is automatically generated and sent to the customer upon payment.

Money can be submitted via PayPal at no charge. However, a fee of 1.9 to 3.4 percent of the purchase price plus 20p is imposed for each payment received. PayPal has more than 70 million registered users worldwide and is integrated into many online stores.

Nochex — This is a UK-based company that does not require registration. The fee is 2.6 percent of the purchase price plus 20p. Automated payment confirmation is provided, there are no chargeback fees, and payments are guaranteed. However, there are spending limits that could affect usability: non-members may send up to £100 per day and members may send no more than £300 daily.

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Other Merchant Accounts For Bad Credit Options

Chronopay — This is one of the most popular options for bad credit. Chronopay supports most major payment options and can process most types of currency. There are no monthly charges and transaction fees are low. Free fraud screening is available.

Durango Merchant Services — This company charges relatively high fees but accepts 99.99 percent of applicants. Customer service is excellent. This could be the perfect solution if another provider is not an option.

Paypoint — A new business that has not yet developed a credit history but wants a credit card processing system may find this the best choice. Fees are in the low range and approval rates are high. Plans may be tailored to fit business needs.

Our Merchant Account Comparison Services – We’re Here To Help

merchant account comparison photo

We help you quickly compare merchant services from a wide variety of UK merchant account providers. Simply provide a few details to receive quotes from some of the best providers of merchant accounts in the UK.

If your business does a lot of online trading, a merchant account is particularly useful. Customers will be able to pay for your products or services quickly and conveniently. This should result in more money for your business.

Most UK retailers prefer merchant accounts because these are the easiest and least expensive ways to receive payments from customers.

Comparing Merchant Services

If you need help deciding on a merchant account, let us help you compare the different services available. We provide knowledgeable and impartial advice and let you quickly and efficiently compare merchant services from the top providers.

Popular Merchant Services Providers and Products:


worldpay merchant account compare

Worldpay offers the following products for merchant accounts:

  • Countertop
  • Portable
  • Mobile
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Payment Gateway
  • Website Payments (Pay Pages)
  • Chip & Pin Terminal


  • Cost-effective terminals
  • Portable machines perfect for hospitality businesses
  • Mobile card machines that enable you to take payments anywhere
  • Number 1 Acquirer In Europe
  • 40 global offices
  • 25+ years of experience
  • Supporting 400,000 clients globally
  • 10,000 transactions handled per minute!

Worldpay Clients Include:

worldpay clients

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CardCutters offers these merchant account products:

• Desktop/Countertop/static terminals

Portable terminals

Mobile terminals

• Electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) terminals

Virtual terminals

• Ecommerce terminals


• In-house terminal provider

• Terminals suitable for pay-at-table businesses

• Retail environment solutions

• Flexible contracts to accommodate business needs

• Global Card Solutions partnership to offer mobile GPRS terminals

Independent Merchant Services

Independent Merchant Services offers these Chip & PIN terminals for your merchant account:

• Countertop

• Portable (wireless/Bluetooth)

• Mobile (GPRS)


Merchant services tailored to the nature of your business and its needs

• Low rates

• Service after the sale including assisting with complaints with card providers

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PaymentSense helps you tailor a merchant account for your business needs:


• Instant authorization

• Fewer bank charges

Security provided by handling less cash

• More time to spend on your business

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes offers the following merchant account products:

• Countertop POS

• Portable POS (Bluetooth)

• Mobile POS (PRS)


• Reliable equipment

• Low prices

• Fast transactions

• Opportunities for saving


As one of the largest processors of online payments, PayPal provides online merchant services for individuals and all types of businesses. A customer must create an account to make a payment through PayPal but there is no cost to do this and setup is fast and simple.

PayPal is well-recognized, accepts a variety of cards for payment, and many different types of sites use it. This is considered one of the best online payment processors and other companies including CCBill, Netbanx, and Paypoint offer similar services.

Applying for Merchant Accounts

It is important to conduct research before applying for a merchant account. Charges vary and if you do not research all charges imposed, you may be faced with expensive hidden fees.

Many business owners interested in applying for merchant accounts use our services. Our specially trained professionals find and identify the best merchant account service for your business. We do this by matching the type of business you have and its current or estimated turnover with the different merchant accounts available.

Once we have gathered complete information, we match you with the best merchant account. If you already have a merchant account provider, you may need to supply statements from at least the most recent three months.

Extra Security Provided by Merchant Services for Online Commerce

Online commerce continues to grow significantly. As more consumers pay online for goods and services, the need for increased security grows.

In response to the increased risk of financial fraud online, credit card companies and banks have introduced security measures that are more stringent. MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa are just two measures that have been taken by major credit card companies.

These schemes require a customer to register a password with the card provider. This password must be provided each time the customer uses the card. Extra security offered by this system makes consumers more confident when shopping online.

Payment Gateways

Another service that an online payment processor provides is a payment gateway. This is the part of a website that consumers pass through to reach online shopping checkout or make a payment. A gateway connects your website with the acquiring payment processor or bank.

If your merchant account is with a bank, you should establish a payment gateway with an independent provider. A bank charges a high fee (typically two percent per card transaction) to provide a payment gateway.

You are not obligated to use the gateway facility provided by a bank so you may choose a different provider. Netbanx, PayPal, and Sagepay are three well-known and reliable online payment gateway providers.

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Merchant Services Explained In Detail

merchant services image

A merchant services account is a dedicated bank account for payments provided to a business via card…

Merchant services providers cater to businesses that accept cards as payment methods. These providers offer and manage transaction gateways for their business customers.

Once a merchant services provider processes a card payment, funds are deposited into the merchant services account. The company providing merchant services usually adds a per-transaction charge for performing the service.

Rates for Card Processing

If your business has just started accepting cards for payment, card transactions may represent a substantial amount of daily earnings. To avoid paying a high commission, ensure that your merchant services provider offers a competitive rate.

What to Look for When Selecting a Merchant Services Provider:


Customers want their personal data to remain private and your company should not violate this desire. Use a provider that offers a safe gateway for transactions.

Processing Options

You may wish to begin with a chip and PIN machine and as the business grows, decide to establish an online presence. Selecting a provider that can accommodate both options reduces the time and steps involved in these business decisions.

Many merchants process card transactions through their banks but this can be expensive. We are part of WorldPay, the largest card processor in the UK, and we can leverage lower rates with banks.

Customer Support and Service

If you encounter an issue or require guidance or support, verify that a qualified individual will be available to provide assistance.

Applying for a Merchant Services Account

Before applying for a merchant services account, consider all the costs and verify that there are no additional “hidden” charges. Rates are based on company turnover.

After selecting a provider, you must submit financial details regarding the business. A business plan will also be required if the business was established within the previous 12 months. The merchant account setup process should take approximately 3 to 4 weeks because the provider must review and verify the paperwork.

By law, the merchant services provider and your business must be PCI compliant when processing card payments. We help our members achieve PCI compliance.

Expect a provider to offer a high level of security. We use 128-bit encryption to process card transactions.

A provider processes transactions daily and each day, you should feel comfortable that you are receiving the best service and will receive assistance if something goes wrong. Our support line is open 7 days a week to provide any assistance that you may need. We also designate a personal payment specialist to each customer. This knowledgeable professional is ready to provide assistance and advice.

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Accept Online Payments Through Your Website

accept payments online image

Competitive rates and secure service are two of our goals

We offer businesses an inexpensive alternative to using banks for online processing of credit card payments.

Our card transaction network experienced 100 percent uptime during the past three years and our dedicated support centre based in the UK illustrates that though you may pay less for credit card processing, you will receive the level of customer service that you expect.

WorldPay Group, the largest card processor in the UK, backs our transactions, ensuring excellent results.

We offer a range of online card payment processing solutions. However your business is run, we can tailor a credit card processing solution for your needs.

Here are some of the services that we offer:

Online Credit Card Processing

We have partnerships with all major online checkout providers making it very easy for you to accept online payments. We also collaborate with the best online shopping carts, making the integration of our card payment gateway a simple process. Shopping carts optimize custom conversions and seamlessly guide customers through the process of making card payments online.

Our Partnerships with Hundreds of the Best UK Web Developers

Review our directory of approved developers to find a reliable professional to help get your online business operational. Use the online merchant services centre to track every transaction in your personal account. Log into your account online at any time and retrieve the desired records.

Alternative Methods for Online Payment

Our services do not require a website. Use email to take payments by emailing a payment link to customers. They access the link and provide their payment information. Once we process the card transaction, we deposit the funds into your account.

Online Payments:

• Virtual Terminals

• Payment Gateways

• Integration with shopping carts

• Pay via email

Need more information on accepting payments online via your website? Request a free call-back or obligation free consultation. Click Here to make an enquiry via our short application form.

Establish A Business Merchant Account To Accept Card Payments

merchant accounts photo

A merchant account is required for you to accept card payments…

This account is similar to a bank account that is used only for card transaction payments. When your business begins accepting card payments, the merchant account is needed to receive funds.

A merchant account can be arranged through merchant services provider that usually offers the technology required to accept card payments.

When a customer uses a card for payment and the transaction is approved, funds are transferred to your merchant account. A merchant account provider typically has a standard setup fee, a monthly fee, and charges a specified percentage per transaction.

When reviewing merchant services providers, find out whether a long-term contract is required. In addition, verify the transaction processing security features offered by the provider. To accept card transactions in a merchant account with reduced risk of fraud, your business should become PCI compliant.

Merchant Accounts:

• Simple signup

• Low setup cost

• Very competitive fees

Merchant Services:

• Phone & mail payments

• Chip & PIN terminals

• Online payment processing

We offer one-year rolling contracts and competitive fees that make it convenient and inexpensive for your business to accept card payments.

We will help your business become PCI compliant and will provide a personal account assistant who can provide information and answer questions regarding your merchant account. We offer a UK-based customer service helpline that is available 7 days a week. These are some of the many benefits of having a merchant account with us.

Our merchant account customers receive an assortment of member benefits including discounts on various business services. We offer our customers more and strive to keep them satisfied.

Speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable payment specialists to learn more about our merchant accounts.

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Best Merchant Services For Small Business

merchant accounts small business image

Now your small business can accept card payments

To increase the chance of collecting a payment from each customer, you must accept different methods of payment. Creating a merchant account is one of the most important steps in setting up a small business. This account allows you to take card and credit payments from customers.

Before selecting a merchant account, consider these factors to ensure that you are receiving the best deal for your needs:

Cards Accepted

When shopping for a merchant account, consider what cards you would like to accept for payment. Most merchant accounts for small businesses are compatible with major credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa. Some accounts may not accept other cards including the Discover Card. Look for a merchant account that accepts the most types of cards.

Setup Fees and Monthly Fees

Every merchant account provider charges certain fees for its services. In most cases, a fee may be imposed for setting up the account. A provider may also charge a monthly service fee. Fees can quickly add up, so shop around to ensure that you are receiving the best deal.

Transaction Fees and Discount Rates

In addition to a setup fee and monthly service fees, a merchant account provider may charge a transaction fee. This small fee is paid each time a debit or credit card payment is run through the terminal. An example is a fee of £0.20 per transaction. A discount rate is charged in addition to this fee and represents a percentage of the total purchase amount. For most businesses, the discount rate is usually the most expensive charge for most transactions. Therefore, it is important to find a provider that offers a low discount rate.

Customer Service

Merchant account providers for small business should provide excellent customer service. If you have questions or experience issues, you may require assistance from this company. Customer service representatives should be available, friendly, and knowledgeable enough to provide the information you need.

New to card payments?

• Simple sign up

• Easy integration

• Tailored card processing

• Free telephone support

Switching card payment providers?

• Fast, simple switching process

• Competitive fees

• Excellent customer service

• 100 percent uptime over 3-year period

Need more information on merchant accounts for small business? Request a free call-back or obligation free consultation. Click Here to make an enquiry via our short application form.

Credit Card Processing For Your Business

card processing image

Full payment type flexibility to match your business model

There are many ways to accept card payments. A key factor is whether customers will be present at the point of sale. This helps to determine which services offered by a merchant services provider are the most suitable and which card processing product is best.

Card Processing in Person

A Chip & PIN portable card machine is the most common equipment for processing card payments in person. This equipment is available as a stationary machine that sits on a countertop, a wireless machine suitable for a restaurant, or a portable machine for tradespeople and other professionals who conduct business on the go. Contactless payment options enable Chip & PIN machines to process card payments even more quickly than cash transactions can be processed. Learn more about our Chip & PIN machines (hyperlink).

Card Processing Over the Telephone

A Virtual Terminal is the best choice for processing card payments via telephone. Take-away restaurants that take card payments over the phone are the ideal customers for this system. Enter customer card details into the interface and process the payment. You can use any Web-enabled device to log into your dedicated Virtual Terminal and process payments. Use the merchant management centre to store and access past transactions in a secure manner. Learn more about our Virtual Terminals (hyperlink).

Card Processing Through Your Website

An online payment gateway is required to process card payments online and gateways take many forms. When considering the options, think about how the website operates because this may determine whether a hosted PayPage or an integrated checkout is more suitable. In addition, different providers offer a range of plug-in options. If you are unsure of the best solution, speak with one of our advisors. The ideal system should be user-friendly so customers can quickly and easily process their payments online.

PayByLink is another option for online card processing. This link connects to a pay page to which you can add an invoice email. Upon receiving the email, the customer clicks the link to access the pay page and provide card payment for goods or services.

Card Processing:

• In-person card payments

• Card processing via telephone

• Online card processing

We are:

• Leading provider in the UK

• Specialist in merchant services for SMEs

• Convenient and helpful

Need more information on credit card processing for your business? Request a free call-back or obligation free consultation. Click Here to make an enquiry via our short application form.

Accept Credit Cards In Your Business

accept credit cards image

Accepting Credit Card Payments: We Make It Easy

Your business can accept credit card payments in person, over the telephone, or through a website. There are many ways to accept credit card payments but the best channel is both suitable for and affordable to the business.

Banks provide merchant services but charge high premiums, making their services too expensive for many small business.

We negotiate lower transaction rates with banks and pass these and our personalised service along to you. This makes it simple and affordable for any business to accept card payments.

Small Business

Cards are the favorite payment methods of this nation so small businesses should accept credit card payments. One of our knowledgeable advisors can provide competitive transaction rates but this is just the beginning.

When you become a member, you receive exclusive discounts and rates on a range of business services including business insurance and banking. We strive to make it affordable for any business to accept cards and we want to help your business grow.

Via Telephone

If you want to accept credit cards via telephone, a virtual payment terminal is the best choice. Once the Virtual Terminal is set up, log in via a Web-enabled device, enter customer credit card information, and securely process the card transaction.

Our Virtual Terminal also features a merchant management centre that allows you to keep records of all transactions. Virtual Terminal lets you accept payments from almost anywhere and offers secure transactions.

Via a Website

Each year, more businesses begin trading online. If you have a business website and would like to accept credit card payments or if you already accept payments online and are looking for a better deal, contact one of our payment specialists to learn how we can help you.

We offer customised online card payment solutions so regardless of the size of your website or the amount of technology you use, we can tailor a payment system that will work perfectly on your site. Our secure payment gateway and user-friendly checkout processes make shopping simple and safe for your online customers.

Accepting Credit Cards:

• Card payments for small businesses

• In-person payments

• Telephone payments

• Website payments

We are:

• A Leading UK provider for SMEs

• Specialist in SME merchant services

• Simple and high-quality

• Website payment experts

Need more information on accepting credit cards in your business? Request a free call-back or obligation free consultation. Click Here to make an enquiry via our short application form.