Take Payments Via Email – Pay By Link

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Our Email payment solution is easy to set up, simple, and fast

PayByLink lets you create unique and customized payment links to a Hosted Payment Page that is secure and perfect for sending to customers to request invoice payment.

Pre-set a single-use link with a reference number and fixed amount, creating a unique link for each invoice.

PayByLink is a quick and easy way to accept secure debt and credit card payments online:

• Simple way to receive one-off payments for goods or services

• Create payment links and post them into invoices

• Almost instant payment processing

• FREE merchant management system that provides real time payment reporting

• FREE UK based support via telephone and email

• FREE ongoing maintenance

A website is not required to use email payment links. If your business takes place on the road or involves the provision of services, this is a flexible way for clients to submit payments.

Email payment links are commonly used with invoices so whether you are a beautician, builder, or offer personal training services, PayByLink is a smart and flexible way to request and take payments.

Speak with one of our payment specialists to learn more and have a personal payment link established.

Simple PayByLink Process:

1) Log into the PayByLink secure administration system

2) Enter your reference number and the payment amount to create a new PayByLink

3) Add the PayByLink to an invoice or email it to the customer

4) The customer follows the link to the Hosted PayPage, enters credit or debit card details, and submits a payment

5) We securely process the transaction and within 3 working days, you receive the funds in your account

Need more information on taking payments via e-mail? Request a free call-back or obligation free consultation. Click Here to make an enquiry via our short application form.