Preventing Fraud Recommendations For Dispute Avoidance

Cardholder disputes consume your valuable time and may consume a lot of your money.

Proper communication with shoppers from the beginning and vigilance regarding suspicious transactions help to avoid disputes.

  1. Use E-Next Fraud Screening tools to become aware of transactions that are potentially fraudulent. Before shipping any items, conduct additional investigation using manual checks.
  2. Block names, email addresses, and IP addresses of suspected or known fraudsters with the E-Next Risk Management service.
  3. Whenever the identity of a customer is suspect, conduct additional checks to verify that the individual is genuine. You can never be too careful.
  4. Even if Fraud Screening tools do not flag them, subject out-of-the-ordinary or high value orders to manual checks. A fraudster could have stolen all the information of a legitimate cardholder.
  5. Include clear product or service descriptions featuring a high level of detail on the business website. This will prevent customer claims of misleading information.
  6. Publish the refund policy on the website. This provides reassurance that customers can recoup their money from you rather than being forced to escalate situations to their card issuers.
  7. Provide convenient contact methods for customers to use. If cardholders feel ignored, they may take their disputes directly to card issuers.
  8. Offer realistic timescales for delivery and inform customers of delays. This is part of good customer service and can prevent customers from filing complaints with card issuers that goods were not received.
  9. Immediately refund suspected fraudulent payments and do not ship the items. After payment has been refunded, the cardholder cannot escalate the issue.
  10. If your business trading name differs from your website name, customers might not recognise it. Use a recognisable trading name because this is what appears on customer bank statements. If the existing trading name is not recognisable, contact the merchant account provider to change it.

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