A Virtual Terminal Is A Simple Flexible And Cost Effective Option

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Taking payments via telephone requires a secure process that is simple and fast…

With a Virtual Terminal, it is easy to take telephone card payments. If you are a high-street takeaway, florist, or other business that takes orders over the phone, Virtual Terminal is an efficient and flexible way for you to take payments.

Online Service Option

If you have access to an Internet connection, you can use Virtual Terminal to take payments. Log in to a secure and dedicated Virtual Terminal page and enter the customer card details. We process the transaction securely and provide transaction authorization or confirmation immediately. Within 3 working days, we deposit the payment into your designated bank account.

Document Transactions

Our Merchant Management System maintains a record of each transaction in a single, secure location. Use this information to create Excel reports or print a transaction history. Our Merchant Management System reduces the amount of time you spend on administration so you can spend more time operating your business.

Extend Services

When you take payments over the phone, you extend business services to a wider audience and increase potential income. Use an Internet connection and Virtual Terminal to take payments anywhere.

No Technical Skills Required

Virtual Terminal does not involve technical setup or configuration on your part. To learn more about using Virtual Terminal to take payments via telephone, speak with one of our knowledgeable payment specialists.

The Virtual Terminal Process:

1) Use a Web-enabled device to log into your dedicated and secure Virtual Terminal. You can even use a mobile device or tablet with a WiFi connection.

2) Enter the debit or credit card information for your customer

3) We process the transaction securely

4) We immediately provide authorization or confirmation of the transaction so there is no need to wait

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