Your Merchant Services Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are questions that merchants commonly ask about card services and payments, along with their answers

How does a credit card work?

People use credit cards to buy items now and pay for them later, a process that is referred to as “buying on credit.” A credit card is not linked to a bank account. It can be used to purchase items in stores, over the telephone, and online and the same information is required for each type of transaction. Credit card holders can also draw money from a bank cash machine to receive a cash advance.

Many banks offer credit cards and people can apply for cards at other institutions. Before offering a credit card, a provider usually runs a credit check to verify that an applicant has not experienced any issues with debt repayment in the past.

When purchasing items online, customers often opt to pay by credit card because providers offer excellent fraud protection for Internet transactions, enhancing online shopping security. If you have or plan to establish an ecommerce business, you may discover that credit cards are the main forms of payment.

How does a debit card work?

A debit card is linked to a bank account. It may be used to withdrawal cash or purchase goods and the cost of the purchase is immediately deducted from the account.

Debit cards may also be used to receive cash back from certain stores in addition to purchasing items. The total amount is immediately deducted from the account.

What are reasons to take debit and credit cards?

Since 2006, more payments have been made by cards than by cash.

There are many benefits of accepting these cards and they are summarized in the following list:

• Cards are the preferred methods of payment for customers

• Ability to accept card payments from commercial customers

• Increased sales because customers are not limited to cash

• No bounced cheques

• More customers should come through the door

• New mail, telephone, and online sales opportunities

• Impulse purchasing opportunities as people go from browsers to buyers

• Automated banking is fast and simple

• Payments become more secure

• Money arrives in your account promptly, improving cash flow

• Staff handles less cash, reducing the potential for simple mistakes

What helps to reduce the risk involved in accepting debit and credit cards?

The most updated and secure way to pay with debit or credit cards in the UK is chip & PIN.

This technology combines two security features. A chip that offers improved security to a magnetic stripe for storing card data is the first feature. It is more difficult to skim or counterfeit this chip. The second security feature is a four-digit personal identification number (PIN). To verify payments, cardholders provide a PIN that only they know rather than using their signatures.

Chip & PIN is the most recent major improvement in security within the payment industry, designed to reduce risk involved in accepting card payments. Fraudsters now find it very difficult to use debit and credit cards if they do not know the four-digit PIN that the cardholder created and linked to the card.

What is the cost to accept cards?

We strive to make our rates and other charges as competitive as possible. We begin as soon as you become a customer by not charging any fees to set up your account.

We calculate our pricing based on several factors that include:

• The type of business you represent

• The value and volume of card transactions that you process

Based on these factors our charges are:

• A monthly membership fee to access our many benefits

• Low debit card and credit card processing charges

How can I reduce the costs of card payments?

If your business already accepts cards, we can help you identify ways to reduce associated costs. Card payments have become the preferred transactions. This makes it important for businesses to provide face-to-face and online processing for cards.

We are associated with Streamline Merchant Services, the largest affordable credit and debit card processing service in the UK. Both of us strive to reduce costs for card payments. Streamline handles approximately half of all UK card transactions so your business is in good hands.

Our professional advice helps many customers like you to achieve a significant reduction in card payment fees compared to what they are currently paying.

How do I improve my card payment services?

Contact us today to schedule a visit from one of our fully-accredited, professional specialists to discuss your needs. We will create a tailored package that meets your requirements and improves your card payment facilities. There are several quick, simple, and easy ways to meet your card processing needs. Card Machines, ePayment in a Box, and eShop in a Box are a few examples.

We provide explanation and assistance during every stage of the process, guidance that should help to improve your card processing. Our card payment services specialists provide advice regarding the best type of solutions for your needs, which card processing machines are most suitable, whether a virtual terminal is appropriate, and how you can receive the most benefits from taking debit and credit card payments.

Can you help me select the best bank for my card processing?

It is important to comparison-shop for a bank for your card processing solutions. Saving a small amount each month can make a large difference in your annual payment rate. However, you also need a service that is beneficial for your business.

We make it easy to select the proper merchant account. We work with the largest affordable card processing service in the UK, Streamline Merchant Services, to reduce your processing expenses by offering substantial savings on processing costs each month.

How do I begin the application process to take cards?

We schedule one of our fully-accredited, professional territory managers to visit you at your place of business. We then identify your business requirements for taking card payments and provide a tailored package that meets the needs of your organization. In addition, we explain the entire procedure and provide assistance throughout the process.

Is there a lot of paperwork to complete?

Once you decide to join us, we complete the required documentation. This includes your Streamline Application Form, Membership Agreement, and any additional benefits you require. We submit all documents on the same day for processing purposes.