Accept Credit Cards In Your Business

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Accepting Credit Card Payments: We Make It Easy

Your business can accept credit card payments in person, over the telephone, or through a website. There are many ways to accept credit card payments but the best channel is both suitable for and affordable to the business.

Banks provide merchant services but charge high premiums, making their services too expensive for many small business.

We negotiate lower transaction rates with banks and pass these and our personalised service along to you. This makes it simple and affordable for any business to accept card payments.

Small Business

Cards are the favorite payment methods of this nation so small businesses should accept credit card payments. One of our knowledgeable advisors can provide competitive transaction rates but this is just the beginning.

When you become a member, you receive exclusive discounts and rates on a range of business services including business insurance and banking. We strive to make it affordable for any business to accept cards and we want to help your business grow.

Via Telephone

If you want to accept credit cards via telephone, a virtual payment terminal is the best choice. Once the Virtual Terminal is set up, log in via a Web-enabled device, enter customer credit card information, and securely process the card transaction.

Our Virtual Terminal also features a merchant management centre that allows you to keep records of all transactions. Virtual Terminal lets you accept payments from almost anywhere and offers secure transactions.

Via a Website

Each year, more businesses begin trading online. If you have a business website and would like to accept credit card payments or if you already accept payments online and are looking for a better deal, contact one of our payment specialists to learn how we can help you.

We offer customised online card payment solutions so regardless of the size of your website or the amount of technology you use, we can tailor a payment system that will work perfectly on your site. Our secure payment gateway and user-friendly checkout processes make shopping simple and safe for your online customers.

Accepting Credit Cards:

• Card payments for small businesses

• In-person payments

• Telephone payments

• Website payments

We are:

• A Leading UK provider for SMEs

• Specialist in SME merchant services

• Simple and high-quality

• Website payment experts

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