Credit Card Processing For Your Business

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Full payment type flexibility to match your business model

There are many ways to accept card payments. A key factor is whether customers will be present at the point of sale. This helps to determine which services offered by a merchant services provider are the most suitable and which card processing product is best.

Card Processing in Person

A Chip & PIN portable card machine is the most common equipment for processing card payments in person. This equipment is available as a stationary machine that sits on a countertop, a wireless machine suitable for a restaurant, or a portable machine for tradespeople and other professionals who conduct business on the go. Contactless payment options enable Chip & PIN machines to process card payments even more quickly than cash transactions can be processed. Learn more about our Chip & PIN machines (hyperlink).

Card Processing Over the Telephone

A Virtual Terminal is the best choice for processing card payments via telephone. Take-away restaurants that take card payments over the phone are the ideal customers for this system. Enter customer card details into the interface and process the payment. You can use any Web-enabled device to log into your dedicated Virtual Terminal and process payments. Use the merchant management centre to store and access past transactions in a secure manner. Learn more about our Virtual Terminals (hyperlink).

Card Processing Through Your Website

An online payment gateway is required to process card payments online and gateways take many forms. When considering the options, think about how the website operates because this may determine whether a hosted PayPage or an integrated checkout is more suitable. In addition, different providers offer a range of plug-in options. If you are unsure of the best solution, speak with one of our advisors. The ideal system should be user-friendly so customers can quickly and easily process their payments online.

PayByLink is another option for online card processing. This link connects to a pay page to which you can add an invoice email. Upon receiving the email, the customer clicks the link to access the pay page and provide card payment for goods or services.

Card Processing:

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