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We help you quickly compare merchant services from a wide variety of UK merchant account providers. Simply provide a few details to receive quotes from some of the best providers of merchant accounts in the UK.

If your business does a lot of online trading, a merchant account is particularly useful. Customers will be able to pay for your products or services quickly and conveniently. This should result in more money for your business.

Most UK retailers prefer merchant accounts because these are the easiest and least expensive ways to receive payments from customers.

Comparing Merchant Services

If you need help deciding on a merchant account, let us help you compare the different services available. We provide knowledgeable and impartial advice and let you quickly and efficiently compare merchant services from the top providers.

Popular Merchant Services Providers and Products:


worldpay merchant account compare

Worldpay offers the following products for merchant accounts:

  • Countertop
  • Portable
  • Mobile
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Payment Gateway
  • Website Payments (Pay Pages)
  • Chip & Pin Terminal


  • Cost-effective terminals
  • Portable machines perfect for hospitality businesses
  • Mobile card machines that enable you to take payments anywhere
  • Number 1 Acquirer In Europe
  • 40 global offices
  • 25+ years of experience
  • Supporting 400,000 clients globally
  • 10,000 transactions handled per minute!

Worldpay Clients Include:

worldpay clients

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CardCutters offers these merchant account products:

• Desktop/Countertop/static terminals

Portable terminals

Mobile terminals

• Electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) terminals

Virtual terminals

• Ecommerce terminals


• In-house terminal provider

• Terminals suitable for pay-at-table businesses

• Retail environment solutions

• Flexible contracts to accommodate business needs

• Global Card Solutions partnership to offer mobile GPRS terminals

Independent Merchant Services

Independent Merchant Services offers these Chip & PIN terminals for your merchant account:

• Countertop

• Portable (wireless/Bluetooth)

• Mobile (GPRS)


Merchant services tailored to the nature of your business and its needs

• Low rates

• Service after the sale including assisting with complaints with card providers

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PaymentSense helps you tailor a merchant account for your business needs:


• Instant authorization

• Fewer bank charges

Security provided by handling less cash

• More time to spend on your business

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes offers the following merchant account products:

• Countertop POS

• Portable POS (Bluetooth)

• Mobile POS (PRS)


• Reliable equipment

• Low prices

• Fast transactions

• Opportunities for saving


As one of the largest processors of online payments, PayPal provides online merchant services for individuals and all types of businesses. A customer must create an account to make a payment through PayPal but there is no cost to do this and setup is fast and simple.

PayPal is well-recognized, accepts a variety of cards for payment, and many different types of sites use it. This is considered one of the best online payment processors and other companies including CCBill, Netbanx, and Paypoint offer similar services.

Applying for Merchant Accounts

It is important to conduct research before applying for a merchant account. Charges vary and if you do not research all charges imposed, you may be faced with expensive hidden fees.

Many business owners interested in applying for merchant accounts use our services. Our specially trained professionals find and identify the best merchant account service for your business. We do this by matching the type of business you have and its current or estimated turnover with the different merchant accounts available.

Once we have gathered complete information, we match you with the best merchant account. If you already have a merchant account provider, you may need to supply statements from at least the most recent three months.

Extra Security Provided by Merchant Services for Online Commerce

Online commerce continues to grow significantly. As more consumers pay online for goods and services, the need for increased security grows.

In response to the increased risk of financial fraud online, credit card companies and banks have introduced security measures that are more stringent. MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa are just two measures that have been taken by major credit card companies.

These schemes require a customer to register a password with the card provider. This password must be provided each time the customer uses the card. Extra security offered by this system makes consumers more confident when shopping online.

Payment Gateways

Another service that an online payment processor provides is a payment gateway. This is the part of a website that consumers pass through to reach online shopping checkout or make a payment. A gateway connects your website with the acquiring payment processor or bank.

If your merchant account is with a bank, you should establish a payment gateway with an independent provider. A bank charges a high fee (typically two percent per card transaction) to provide a payment gateway.

You are not obligated to use the gateway facility provided by a bank so you may choose a different provider. Netbanx, PayPal, and Sagepay are three well-known and reliable online payment gateway providers.

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