Merchant Account & Gateway Security

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Card security is critical and several factors affect the security of card payments

We offer safe, secure processing solutions for cards. Our encryption methods, gateway, and products allow your business to securely accept credit card payments.

Secure Transactions

Once a transaction is placed through our gateway a 128-bit SSL encryption key is used to code the data. When the transaction data is received by a bank, this level of encryption is required or the transaction will not be processed. It would take 1.4 million years to crack this encryption method so you can be assured that we process your transactions securely. Learn more about 128-bit security encryption here.

PCI Compliance

The best way to assure that your business and its card processing technology meet a safe operational standard is through PCI compliance. All of our products are compliant but in many cases, there may be specific criteria that your business must meet in order to be compliant. Our payment specialists will help you through the process of achieving PCI compliance for your business.

Our Gateway

A payment gateway is required to process transactions online. Our payment gateway has a wide variety of features that help you manage online sales data for your business:

• Options for HTML & XML integration

• Multi-location integration designed for ultra high availability applications

• Free integration support

Virtual terminal

• Fraud suite including 3D-Secure, CV2, AVS, and Iridium adaptive fraud detection package

• Merchant management system with an unlimited number of users

• Free, customized reporting